Our Crowdfunding site has raised £7,655 from 95 backers over 35 days. See http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/gunter-mansion-and-its-hidden-17th-c-chapel

In addition, during this time we have received 14 cheques totally £1,590 from people who have preferred this way of giving. Furthermore, the majority of our donors are eligible for gift aid which means we can claim 25p for each £1 donated.

Which means in total we have raised well over £10,000 and have surpassed our target!

So a huge thank you to all who have contributed to our Crowdfunding campaign to save Gunter Mansion.

We will soon be organising the fulfilment of our rewards and we will be back in touch directly with our donors shortly.

The result of our Crowdfunding campaign puts us in a very good position to fulfil our main aim. Of course, the majority of the £150,000 purchase price will have to be funded by grants and other means but our achievement has completed our match-funding and has demonstrated the huge support this project has both locally and further afield. We should know the results of our main grant applications within the next month or so.