Although there are many excellent Building Preservation Trusts operating in Wales, it is widely recognised that there are too few and that their coverage is very localised, with huge areas without any presence. One of the benefits of our wider remit is that we are able to operate in areas that have had no Building Preservation Trust activity previously.

We aim to tackle buildings at risk, either directly by instigating and managing restoration projects on our own, or indirectly by helping others with advice and support. There is no such thing as a standard project and we examine all prospective projects with an open mind. However, what we bring to all of them is a mixture of problem solving and hard-nosed judgement. If we start a project it is with the full intention of completing it, we have no wish to hold out hope where none exists but believe that solutions exist for most buildings at risk, only that the viable solution may not be the most obvious.

Our trustees are very aware of the capacity constraints experienced by most BPTs which rely wholly on volunteer trustee time and experience. This is often a factor which limits BPTs ability to select and undertake a series of projects. The Welsh Georgian Trust aims to break free from these limitations and become a much more professional organisation with the capacity to undertake multiple projects.

As an organisation we aim to be ethical and to operate without prejudice of any kind. We pride ourselves on our ability to be consistent and reliable partners to local authorities, grant awarding bodies and the wider heritage world within Wales.